TAI-MEGA ENGINEERING Sdn Bhd 200301010772 (613192-W) was established in a humble manner in year 2003 which was dedicated to design, manufacture & fabricate, programming, installation and commissioning for fully-modular plating equipment for surface engineering and printed circuit industries.

TAI-MEGA was originally an Engineering Sub-Contractor installing engineering equipments since year 1997 which was named Heveafast Engineering. Through the years, we have come to understand the various needs of various plating process. We possess collective experience in manufacturing manual/automatic equipment and have developed our products to cater to the different manufacturing processes involved according to customer specification.

Since TAI-MEGA set up from the beginning, our company service particularly the electro-plating, chemical, manufacturing industries in Asia Countries.

While we are knowledgeable and well exposed to the problems of various industries, TAI-MEGA has know how, experience, skill and resource to meet the requirements of our customers, very often with quick and economical solutions to their problems. We provide consultancy and other support services to ensure that the customer achieve maximum productivity.

TAI-MEGA provides the best available price, quality and services to our customer’s satisfaction and requirements. We know that the success of our company can only be assured if we satisfy our customers’ expectations as regards price, performance, quality, delivery and service.

QUALITY is therefore a decisive factor in assuring long term relationships with our customers. Also quality is the principle behind our thinking and behaviour. To us, customers always come first. We have been developing into a knowledge based company all this years. We have professionals in Automation Control, Electrical & Electronics and Mechanical Engineering. We always move towards a new challenge.